So I’ve gotten a million anons about how i’m doing, was the break up mutual, if I’m okay with the new relationship, when we broke up, if em cheated on me with danny, about the top surgery vids and how people knew then, and all that. 

I haven’t been replying to them, as i rarely answer anons, but if you want to know something just message me i will message you back private.

But just so everyone can hear it from my side also. I never cheated on Em and no emery never cheated on me either, yes i was aware that they had feelings for each other long before we broke up, i once even wanted to break up with emery because i thought hed be happier with danny, but i guess he didnt think he felt that way about her at the time. Our break up was completely one sided, he wasnt happy with me, he wanted to break up and I didn’t want to, so i asked that he let’s us try a bit longer, he was okay with that, and we agreed to be in an open relationship, and we both said we thought this was something positive and something that would bring us much closer, and a lot of happiness etc. He then had plans to meet up with a girl…… i got nervous, he reassured me, that if anything that experience would just make him love me more, so the morning after his encounter, he broke up with me. Obviously sleeping with the other girl made him realise it really wasn’t working for him being with me. Which I took really bad, I was devastated, completely blind in love, desperate for him not to break up with me. I just want to point out that he swore the breakup didn’t happen because of the other girl, I guess it just all sort of fell together, right place and right time sort of thing :)

As soon as we broke up, I knew him and danny would be together, and I am sure they will be together for a very long time, and will be very happy together also. Their relationship has been a long time coming, they’ve known each other for a number of years, have been great friends, and have had strong feelings for one and other, wether plutonic or not, I’m sure not even they are sure. They really fit one and other perfectly, so I really think its going to work for them, and i genuinely wish them all the happiness in the world!!!

I am fine with the breakup, I’m glad we broke up in hindsight, and can see so many things that I didn’t see before about our relationship. I’ve been doing amazing since our break up, my weight loss and road to health continues, which is something I just adore! I’ve got a car that I’m working on, I’m finishing my license, I’ve made a million new friends, and gotten some pretty cool work prospects too. Theirs also been some insane stuff that I never thought I’d be going through, and the timing wasn’t the best either, but hey, life is like that isn’t it? :D

I will be setting up an Etsy store of my own soon (i’ve tried to take this one off my blog a bunch of times, but it just wont go away) and I’ve got some other plans and things going on in the next while, so yeah. That’s my side of it. 

Thank you so much for everyone who’s been so nice and sent all these loving and caring messages. Hope you are all having a lovely day :D xxx

oh and also, i think we broke up around the 10th of feb.

Anonymous: When did you and Emery break up and why?


me and emery broke up about 6 weeks ago i think. and because he wasnt happy in the relationship. 

correction, it was 7 weeks ago.

Anonymous: When did you and Emery break up and why?

me and emery broke up about 6 weeks ago i think. and because he wasnt happy in the relationship. 

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